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Hi! We are Jonathan & Heydisel!

We are a couple of photographers in love with life itself. Our passion is capturing the essence of your emotions and feelings. 

We've been together for 15 years, so we truly believe in commitment and love!!

We are adventurous and love meeting new people, places and their cultures.

We love coffee, music and the beach. A doggie is always welcome in our home.

Our main goal is that you enjoy your day to the fullest while we capture all that magic!!

If you are ready to escape from the traditional and have deep, meaningful moments we would love to meet you!

At Soileh Photography we believe in capturing the best memories of your activity or event in a dynamic and natural way so you can fully enjoy it. More than providing high-quality content, our commitment is to provide the best service to make your special day a pleasant memory for a lifetime.

Get to know us and let us be part of your memorable moments! 😃

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Our Name

Soileh comes from Helios in reverse. In Greek mythology it represents the sun, has brotherhood with the moon and the aurora. Natural and essential elements that we use to achieve the perfect photo.

Our logo highlights the Sun, representing the natural light and warm tones of our photography style.




Soileh Photography is a wedding photography business known for its storytelling style. Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with services available all across P.R. and worldwide. Main photographers Jonathan & Heydisel, as husband and wife understand all the importance of creating memorable photos. These two aim to accurately document and showcase each couple by highlighting their distinctive styles and personalities through each respective image. Adopting a photojournalistic approach to their work, they allow couples to be themselves while enjoying their experience.

Services Offered

Heydisel and Jonathan aim to provide you and yours with a stress-free and streamlined experience. They mean to achieve this through the excellently curated wedding services available through Soileh Photography. Pre-designed packages provide a comprehensive list of services that can be tailored to suit your particular needs.

Soileh Photography is excited at the prospect of preserving your special engagement, elopement, wedding day and post-wedding memories. You and your partner can look forward to more than just digital images. Heydisel and Jonathan are more than happy to arrange physical keepsakes such as flush mounts and wedding albums.

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